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Leveraging play to earn games to change the business of gaming

The concept of play to earn games in exchange for real money is not new, but it has gotten increasingly widespread as online communities have grown in size and become huge business. A large number of Venezuelans went to gold farming as their principal source of income after discovering that it provided them with more…
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Unique Features of Axie Infinity NFTS

There is uniqueness In the Axie Infinity NFTs game that has made the game globally played and earned. The unique features have attracted many people to join the community of players to participate in gaming. Axie Infinity is a Blockchain-based game Vietnamese Sky Mavis developed. This game enables the player to receive and breed cute…
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WHY Axie Infinity became the Number One NFT Game in 2022

Axie Infinity is not the first on the list of NFTs games; there have been many NFT based games. The NFTs games came into existence in 2017, and the first game was called Crypokitties, but there was no recognition. It was not known at that time by the people. There are so many things that…
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Axie Infinity Game and other video Games

Video games involve using a joystick, keyboard, and controller to respond. Video games have been in existence for a very long time. History has that people played the first video game in 1950. People played video games basically for fun and to while away time. So of truth, video games are not new to the world.…
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