Unique Features of Axie Infinity NFTS

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Unique Features of Axie Infinity NFTS

There is uniqueness In the Axie Infinity NFTs game that has made the game globally played and earned. The unique features have attracted many people to join the community of players to participate in gaming.

Axie Infinity is a Blockchain-based game Vietnamese Sky Mavis developed. This game enables the player to receive and breed cute digitalized creatures known as Axies. These creatures used for battle are cute and effective in their ways, and they have some particular components used for competing in battle.

Also, the creatures function differently based on their uniqueness. Axie Infinity made over $42million in June 2021 over the sale of NFTs collections. Axie Infinity NFTs game was specifically created to make money and have excitement. Most games only provide fun for the people, but Axie Infinity has developed a platform for fun and money earning. Anyone above 18 is capable of playing the game and earning big. In this article, I will be talking and explaining some of the uniqueness of the features of Axie Infinity games that players must know and understand.

One of the things that made the Axie Infinity NFTs game unique is its great innovation and outstanding technological brain. That alone made became a catalyst for the game to spread like wildfire.

Axie Infinity has both monetary advantages and is also a game to enjoy. Axie Infinity games provided an opportunity for the player to play and earn and earn constant income.  The Axie Infinity game has some solid features that govern the entirety of Axie Infinity.   

The Unique Features 

This section will discuss some solid features and uniqueness that have sold Axie Infinity to the entire world. Infinity new has over 13 million players who joined the community last year.

Battle. In this battle, 3 Axies are needed from both sides, and the player’s focus is to win the opponent. Every Axies possess different traits that make it fun when they are fighting.

We have nine classes of Axies that each belongs to. They are nut, bird, beast, aquatic, reptile, moon, star, bug, aquatic. Each Axie operates in a class. Also, the Axies have stats that enable them to function and participate well in the game.

The stats are listed below.

  • Health
  • Skill
  • Morale
  • Speed

Land. Lunacia is the land’s name, where the Axie is inhabited. The land is plotted into 90,601 plots. ERC-721 token is allocated for each plot.

Breeding. In Axies, three genes form the offspring’s trait. Players can breed their Axies to have new Axies which can be traded, fought, and reproduced. The fee for breeding Axies is 0.002ETH.

Marketplace. This platform was designated for all transactions to be carried out. Buying and selling take place in the Marketplace. Also, you can acquire land at the Marketplace.   

The Axie Infinity was built on the Ronin sidechain. This sidechain is one of the unique things about Axie Infinity games. The ecosystem of the game makes every account safe and secured. Also, in the Axie Infinity game, there are two modes of gaming that are different from other games.

Adventure Mode. This model has 36 levels; in this level, that is when you will need your Axies because you will be fighting with different creatures throughout the level. The energy given to you at this level will not be enough, but you must use your energy discretion. In this mode, your must be of 3 Axies, so fight the battle.

For a beginner, you know how to assist you Axie to get level up and gather experience.

One of the essential resources in Axie Infinity is SLP. You either use the SLP to breed Axies or exchange it for real money.

The easiest way to get SLP Token is through the adventure mode. In the Adventure mode, you can get 50 SLP daily. In the Axie Infinity game, there is always a mission to undertake daily. These tasks are designed to be done within 24 hours. When you have your team of Axies, you can take part in the missions and earn SLP daily.

Steps to benefit from Arena Mode

  • Know your Axies strengths and weaknesses.

Like I said earlier that there is 9 class of Axie. The ability or disability of the Axies is dependent on their class. Please don’t use your Axies for the wrong class; each of the Axies has its clear difference.  

  • Axies placement

Your placement of Axie determines whether you will win or lose. Placing Axies in the right is as if you are saving your energy.

  • Set up a solid team

You need to set up a powerful group of Axies who can attack and defend.

  • Combos

Combo strength is adequate when they are used individually.

  • Axie cards

In the Arena mode, the key to winning is understanding your card. You can easily win every battle you fought when you know the card to attack you and defend your Axies.

All these steps mentioned above are necessary for winning battles in the Axie Infinity games. Also, they are features that make the difference in Axie Infinity. Axie Infinity game is not hard to play; in the world of NFTs, there are still tough NFTs but yield nothing.

All you need is to breed excellent and strong Axies that will fight well, and also, you must understand how to use the Axies. Playing the game is quite expensive; as a beginner, you will need to purchase 3 Axies, and each Axie costs $150, so you have to spend a minimum of $500 to purchase the Axies.


Everything about the Axie Infinity NFTS game is superb. Many people playing the game are enjoying the game and the monetary benefit. I hope this article’s information will help you decide on investing in the Axie Infinity NFTs game. The Axie Infinity game is the best game to play and earn. Are you tired of your financial incapacity and want to breakthrough? Why not invest in the Axie Infinity game and earn.

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