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Leveraging play to earn games to change the business of gaming

The concept of play to earn games in exchange for real money is not new, but it has gotten increasingly widespread as online communities have grown in size and become huge business. A large number of Venezuelans went to gold farming as their principal source of income after discovering that it provided them with more…
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NFT play to earn games may be wildly successful as artifacts

It seems impossible not to have heard of them, and if you have, I envy you. According to EA, NFTs are “critical to the future of our business.” According to Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, blockchain technology represents a “revolution” in the playing to earn games industry. Non-fungible tokens, a blockchain-based way to hold digital assets…
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How blockchain NFT games evolved

Trading cryptocurrency is a popular way for many individuals to earn money these days especially with NFT games. Take a look at CoinGecko, a cryptocurrency rating website, and you’ll see a list of 9,900 digital tokens, the majority of which were established in the last five years. And many have benefited from cryptocurrency trading. However,…
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Future in Tech world: NFT Games

Consumer acceptance of augmented and virtual reality will be facilitated by the use of NFTs. In order to create NFT games digital assets that are unique or limited in quantity, we can use NFT to create things like skins, virtual clothing for your avatar, or a virtual home.  Additionally, a digital painting that overlays on…
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Essential facts about NFT games

Honestly, there are some things you need to know about games. Someone called to appreciate one of my articles about NFT games. In that article, I opened people’s eyes to see something unique and different about non-fungible tokens. I wrote something about how NFT games have been a blessing to our brains. People were amazed…
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Disadvantages of playing NFT games

There’s no doubt that some NFT games have blessed people tremendously. Several places in the world cannot stop enjoying the overflowing blessings from some play-to-earn games. I was shocked when I heard that some jobless people live based on the rewards they gather from playing Axie Infinity. In the Philippines today, some people can’t joke…
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