Month: February 2022

lasik eye surgery Australia

Leveraging play to earn games to change the business of gaming

The concept of play to earn games in exchange for real money is not new, but it has gotten increasingly widespread as online communities have grown in size and become huge business. A large number of Venezuelans went to gold farming as their principal source of income after discovering that it provided them with more…
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NFT play to earn games may be wildly successful as artifacts

It seems impossible not to have heard of them, and if you have, I envy you. According to EA, NFTs are “critical to the future of our business.” According to Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, blockchain technology represents a “revolution” in the playing to earn games industry. Non-fungible tokens, a blockchain-based way to hold digital assets…
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Read this before making that laser eye surgery decision

What to anticipate before, during, and after laser eye surgery varies according to doctor and patient. This area contains patient education materials provided by manufacturers and healthcare experts, but it is not a substitute for the discourse you should have with your physician. Take the time to thoroughly read this material and, using the checklist,…
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