Axie Infinity Game and other video Games

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Axie Infinity Game and other video Games

Video games involve using a joystick, keyboard, and controller to respond. Video games have been in existence for a very long time. History has that people played the first video game in 1950. People played video games basically for fun and to while away time.

So of truth, video games are not new to the world. People have played diverse video games, but this article focuses on the apparent differences between the Axie Infinity and other games. 

Recently several millions of people are now playing Axie Infinity coin-based games. We will be considering what made the Axie Infinity game accepted by all and the inputs in the game that other video doesn’t possess.

Axie Infinity is a game that made its way during Covid’19 in the Philippines when many people could not go to work because of the lockdown. The Filipino players discovered the blessing behind the lockdown when everything in the world crashed.

 Axie Infinity is not like the traditional video game, but it has some fascinating monsters that the player will purchase and breed for the battle to earn money. Players are making several dollars daily from this Axie Infinity game.

Axie Infinity became the source of income for many people. The patterns and ecosystem of the Axie Infinity NFTs game put the game at the forefront of other video games. In Axie Infinity games, players earn tokens and exchange them for real-world money. That’s why the Axie Infinity is known as a play-to-earn game (p2E). 

Also, we cannot overlook the exciting part of the game. Players not only make money, but they also enjoy the game. The statistic reveals that several players, grandparents, fathers, aunts, and youth from developing countries have joined Axie Infinity mainly to earn a living and catch fun.    

The Difference

There are many differences between the Axie Infinity game to other traditional video games. Like I said earlier, there are over 100 video games in our world today, but Axie Infinity is taking the lead role in the market today. 

So here I will explain some specific reasons why the Axie Infinity game became popular and accepted. 

Axie Infinity is a Cryptocurrency based game

Sky Marvis technologically built the Axie Infinity game on Blockchain. The player will need to have an Ethereum wallet to purchase or sell some digital creatures, mainly for the battle with other pets. These creatures are called Axies. 

 This game revolves around NFTs, unlike other games that only require your computer or android and some devices to play.  

Axie Infinity is the most NFTs game gaining popularity through the number of players and the influence on the cryptocurrency market. 

Cryptocurrency is taking over our world, and the system is raising billionaires all around.  

Axie Infinity Earnings and Fun

Some video games are for fun and excitement, nothing more. But when it comes to the Axie Infinity game, both are enjoyed. Axie Infinity news has the record of millions of people making good real-world money.

 The Infinity news has it that some people are dropping their works and venturing into playing Axie Infinity games and are earning over $2,000 per hour.

Even though many players mainly focus on the monetary benefits of playing Axie Infinity, we also have it that some players just played to connect to the community, and some play to have some funs.  

The Axie Infinity has two tokens that players earn to trade and purchase the digital monsters for the battle. One of the tokens is Small Love Potion (SLP) is, a game token that players earn after completing the daily tasks, both in Adventure and Arena mode. The price of SLPs is $0.029 (change is constant)

One of the bjectives of the developers of Axie Infinity was to entertain and expose people to riches hidden in Blockchain technology. Axie Infinity allows players to breed and sell Axies 

Also, players earn every day when they complete their tasks. There is also a farming method in the game that players can earn.

Axie Infinity game rewards players with cryptocurrency tokens to exchange at the decentralized market for real-world money. 

Meanwhile, generally making money is not an easy job, so also Axie Infinity. The player must understand some procedures before playing the NFTs game. Of truth, the Axie Infinity game is comfortable and easy to play. Some are making millions lying on the couch only playing Axie Infinity video games.

Axie Infinity disadvantages

 As good as Axie Infinity is, there is a con cost you must count, and it’s not only limited to the Axie Infinity game alone; it also cuts across the conventional video games. 

Let’s check the few cons.

  • It is expensive to play

The major disadvantage is the cost to purchase your first Axies to play the game. So a newbie in the game will need to buy 3 Axies to start with, each worth $150, which means you will need to spend a minimum of $450 to join the community of players at Axie Infinity. Unlike other video games, this can discourage anyone from venturing into the game.

  • Ethereum Blockchain

 Another disadvantage on the side of Axie Infinity because Ethereum or AXS is the only payment the system recognized for the purchase of Axies. The transaction is done and approved only on Ethereum Blockchain Marketplace.

 That can hinder anyone who is a novice to the web wallet and wants to join the Infinity game.

 Also, there is a fee the Axie Infinity team levied on selling something on the Marketplace. The group charged an almost 5% fee for the transaction. We have numerous benefits in the Axie Infinity game, so we also have limitations. The excellent news is Axie Infinity is recommendable.


I hope this article will give answers to your question about Axie Infinity. Anyone can play the Axie Infinity game, don’t be left out. Axie Infinity is the best of the games that ever existed. You have several chances to play and earn.