WHY Axie Infinity became the Number One NFT Game in 2022

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WHY Axie Infinity became the Number One NFT Game in 2022

Axie Infinity is not the first on the list of NFTs games; there have been many NFT based games. The NFTs games came into existence in 2017, and the first game was called Crypokitties, but there was no recognition. It was not known at that time by the people. There are so many things that contributed to the widespread of the Axie Infinity game.

One of the things that gave Axie Infinity the upper hand is Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency has unlocked blessing to the world at large. Even though Cryptocurrency’s price is not stable, it has a very impressive assurance that the return will be huge when the price rises again. learn more about Cryptocurrencies at https://www.kaspersky.com/resource-center/definitions/what-is-cryptocurrency

In 2018, Axie Infinity came to being, and in no time, there was a massive explosion, and the popularity was great. The gap between Axie Infinity and other NFTs game is crystal clear. The rising above of Axie Infinity over other games has many exciting packages. 

Many things revolve around Axie Infinity, which gave the game a leeway over other games. The most profiting NFTs’ play-to-earn game on Blockchain is Axie Infinity games. Also, breeding cute Axies for the battles with other opponents is fun to many people. 

Apart from making money, they’re so much fun on the battlefield. Axie Infinity didn’t just create a money-making platform. There is also a way players can be excited and cool off any stress while playing. This article will analyze those nuggets as we journey together.

Let’s briefly talk about Axie Infinity and its background.

Sky Mavis developed this game, and it was built in a way that players can quickly breed, raise, trade, and fight a battle with Axies. 

The characters in this game are in-game components, and they are called Axies. Axies can be traded on the marketplace to make real-world money and make a considerable profit. Axie Infinity operates a vast economy. The only two cryptocurrencies that players can use in trading breeding are SLP [Smooth Love Potion]. The other is AXS [Axie Infinity Shard]. Click here to learn more about Axies by clicking here

Lands, farms, and Axies are bought with Axie Infinity Coin. In June 2021, Axie Infinity entered the limelight, and many people invested in the game. In 30 days, Axie Infinity had whooping sales of about 780 million USD. Many people played the game because of the profit. Compared to other NFTs games. 

Some people play to meet their daily needs and even cater to their household. Axie Infinity has put a smile on the face of many people, especially the Philippines, who could not do anything nor go anywhere when Covid-19 hit the world. The only means of survival was to play the Axie Infinity game. 

 In the Axie Infinity game, you must first invest before earning money. The investment is a certain amount that newbie will use in purchasing the first 3 Axies. In Axie Infinity, every player must have Axies NFTs that can be resold or, better still, exchanged for money. At a point in the Axie Infinity game, the cost for Axies was about 10 USD. Still, when the sudden acceptance and popularity came, the price went up straightaway.

The new player can now purchase each Axie for 300 USD. The general acceptance of Axie Infinity was not magic. Still, some exciting packages can quickly put a smile on the face of the people. 

People need the means to survive, which is what the Axie Infinity game has achieved. Till now, people are joining the community of players and earners. Let’s look into the packages in Axie Infinity NFTs games has that no other NFTs does not. 

Axie Infinity has become the most played game and is generally accepted everywhere in the globe.

Smooth Love Potion [SLP]

SLP is one of the Cryptocurrencies or an in-game token that the player acquired for participating in the Axie Infinity game.

When the player completes the daily task and wins battles, he’s rewarded with SLP. 

Inbreeding Axies, the required token is SLP.

Axies are in-game collectibles or pets bred and trained for battle;  the Axies can also be sold for reward or lease to the scholar. 

In the Philippines, the SLP token is used as real-world money. Axie Infinity coin price has it that the total SLP in circulation is 3.08B SLP

Axie Infinity Shard [AXS]

This token is another token that is functional in the Axie Infinity game. It is a utility and governance token. Also, this token can be stake for future purposes. 

Over 270million AXS token is supplied to the game. 

Axie Infinity has unique techniques that can’t be seen in any other NFTs game. 

There are some Crypto exchanges where players can purchase and sell the SLP and AXS.

  1. Crypto.com

Players can do all cryptocurrency transactions on this platform. The player can easily trade their SLP and AXS.

  1.  Gate.io

On this exchange platform, up to 500coins can be exchanged. Also, SLP and AXS can be traded as well.

  1.  Binance

This exchange platform is the biggest platform with over 13 million users. Axies Infinity token is easily traded because it has trading pairs.

These exchanges platform reveals the Axie Infinity game’s ecosystem, making it easy for the players to carry out transactions. Based on the market cap, no other NFTs can meet or even outrun Axie Infinity Game. The platform is set to play and earn real-world money. 

Even though there is some Threat to the Axie Infinity game, the platform can handle every threat. Every business has a specific risk and danger. Still, it will save anyone from cybercriminals when instructions are followed and understood.


Axies Infinity has a lot of exciting packages and benefits that other NFTs games do not have. These features, coupled with its nature as a coin-based game, make it number one among other video games. 

The purpose of this writing is to let you know the right opportunity to invest your money and time. I am sure you will find this article helpful.