The Top Pros and Cons CPAP Machine To Help You Decide

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The Top Pros and Cons CPAP Machine To Help You Decide

A CPAP machine is a sure solution for sleep apnea and other breathing issues. If you follow the prescription of your healthcare provider, you will get the right machine that makes breathing while sleeping so simple and easy. 

Without a doubt, CPAP machines are easy to use and efficient. However, some still don’t get the best use of the cpap machine. Instead, they keep struggling with one issue or the other. What could be the cause of that? It is simple. No machine is perfect. And, except you know what to expect you might not know how to prevent the common problems. 

Hence, in this post, we will learn about the pros and cons of CPAP machines. That way, you will know how to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks associated with the device. These pros and cons will also help you determine whether a CPAP machine is the perfect solution for your obstructive sleep apnea issues or if you should consider other options for the machines.

Without further ado, let’s consider the advantages and disadvantages of CPAP machines in detail.

The pros of CPAP machines

  • It treats sleep apnea 

CPAP machines are the most commonly prescribed for people suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. Of course, there are other kinds of breath-assisting machines available in the market, CPAP machines seem to be the most popular name among them all. 

 This machine is so much efficient and functional that users get to forget their inability to have a sound sleep right from the first day of use. CPAP machine is specially built with the sole ability to make you breathe easily while sleeping for optimum sleep experience. Many sleep apneas patients are now finding it easier to sleep whether at night or anytime during the day.

  • Prolonged and Better life 

Do you know why it can be very dangerous to leave sleep apnea untreated? It can affect your entire quality of life. Have you ever noticed how energized you feel after waking up from a sound sleep? You wake up in the right mood with optimum confidence to face the challenges of the day and complete each task with great enthusiasm. That’s what people are missing when they can get quality sleep. 

Those that wake up at intervals when sleeping wakes up tired and unmotivated. However, with a CPAP machine, you don’t have to worry about sleep anymore. 

Obstructive sleep apnea doesn’t only affect your sleep, it can make life less enjoyable and shortened. CPAP machines can prevent you from developing ailments, give you a healthier life, and extend your life span.

The Top Pros and Cons CPAP Machine To Help You Decide
  • It helps you feel rested 

CPAP machine is not only useful when sleeping. Since its ultimate purpose is to allow you to breathe easily, you can also use it when relaxing during the daytime. Most times, you are stressed at work and need to relax at home to replenish your energy. That could be an issue if you have difficulty breathing. 

However, it gets better with a CPAP machine. All you have to do is turn on your machine, and connect the hose to the mask and to your nose. You can lay on a stretcher while watching your favorite TV shows with your CPAP machine fixed to your nose. This machine makes your body fel relaxed and gives you the appropriate rest you need at any time of the day.  How do you feel about that? A cup of coffee can also be a perfect compliment.

The cons of CPAP machines 

Aside from all the benefits, CPAP machines also come with some cons that may give users little discomfort. Here are the downsides you may encounter when using a CPAP machine.

  • The machine can make you feel uncomfortable 

Not many people like to sleep with their bodies attached to something else. In fact, some can’t sleep wearing clothes. For those kinds of people, using a CPAP machine can be a problem. It is alarming that the device that is recommended to help you have a sound sleep can e the reason you can’t sleep for five minutes at a stretch. 

The sensation of the machine’s mask which you need to plug into your nose and that of the straps that you must tie around your head can make you uncomfortable on the bed. Using a CPAP machine, you will continue to have an interrupted sleep until you get familiar to it. That alone is not a good news for first timer.

The Top Pros and Cons CPAP Machine To Help You Decide
  • The machine can be loud 

CPAP machine is indeed a machine. When you turn it on, you will understand that statement better. Because of the loudness of its sound, people may not feel comfortable using it while sleeping or sleeping next to the person that uses the machine. Though, CPAP machines are not as loud as industrial machines. But, nights are always silent, so, the noise get easily noticed and that can be pretty much frustrating.

  • You can wake up with a dry, stuffy nose or mouth

CPAP machines will continuously blow pressured air into your nose and mouth all night long to keep your airways free and open for better breathing. But, that function can also be=ring negative effects. It is possible that you wake up with dry nose or mouth. You can only solve that problem with heated humidifier. You may ask an expert to help you attach the device and teach you how to use it.

  • Bloating and gas can occur 

It is possible that you swallow air during sleep which may result into bumpy bloating and gas. Most users have been struggling with this particular issue every morning when they wake up which causes them to lose interest in the use of the machine. However, you can overcome this problem by adjusting the pressure settings on your machine.

Final Words 

 CPAP machines can put an end to your inability to breathe well while sleeping. It can also give you a healthier, prolonged life conveniently. But, you must make sure you get the right machine that fits your facial shape and know how to adjust the settings to suit your condition. Meanwhile, there are several ways to deal with the cons to minimize their effects on your sleep. Visit a CPAP machine expert for more information. 

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