Frequently Asked Questions about Gods Unchained

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Frequently Asked Questions about Gods Unchained

Dear reader, are you confused or curious about some things concerning God’s Unchained? I know you might have heard some facts about this NFT game. You might be thinking how possible it is for one to play this unique NFT game and earn some money. I want to assure you that you will see something outstanding about God’s Unchained.

When you first heard about God Unchained, what’s the first thing that came to your mind? It is normal for questions to run into your mind simultaneously. Perhaps, you might have read some articles about this new NFT gaming. But trust me, what will be revealed to you here will serve as a push. Trust me; you will gain the confidence and strength to invest in this unique NFT game. 

Honestly, I want to urge you to please take note of the fact that will be revealed to you here. Therefore, please permit me to start with the meaning of God’s Unchained.

What is God’s Unchained?

Gods Unchained is an NFT game that allows players to actualize their in-game items. It was led by the former game manager of Magic the gathering. It is a game that is highly competitive. This unique game is a tactical card game. It is all about building decks. So, each player must tactically look for a way to outsmart their opponents by creating or forming decks that can fight a wide variety of tactics. In this unique game, players will have the chance to own their digital items. Then, they will have the freedom to trade, sell and use their cards the way they like. 

How can I start playing this game?

To start playing this fantastic NFT game is very simple! Below are the steps you need to Visit Gods Unchained official website. You can search for their official website on search engines like Google. Let me quickly chip in this that you need to be very careful when searching for something on search engines. Please spend some time to ensure that you are on the right channel to get the exact thing you’re searching for. After getting their website, click on “sign-in” in the top right corner of the page. Then, after clicking sign in, the page will move you directly to where you will make your registration. The next step after registration is to create an account link. Once you’ve set up an account, visit the PlayStore, download the game launcher, and start playing.

What is the Gauntlet of the Gods?

The Gauntlet of the God is a challenge in Ranked mode. If you successfully overcome the challenge in playing the Gauntlet of the Gods, you’ll be rewarded with a Flux. The flux is the crafting ingredients one can use to increase the quality of one’s cards. Remember, this NFT game is a card game. So, if you win the first level, you will be rewarded with a base level of flux, then you will have the chance to start your gauntlet run. Also, it is expedient for you to know that each win in the gauntlet of the gods will earn you a more significant sum of flux, to a total of three wins with each god. 

Where can I play Gods Unchained?

This NFT game is different from other NFT games like Axie Infinity that one can easily play on either Android or iPhone. Gods Unchained is presently available only on a computer running Windows or MacOS. The news about playing this unique NFT game on mobile devices is fake. However, there’s news that the developers are working tirelessly about bringing the game to mobile devices for easy accessibility. But, presently, God’s Unchained cannot be played on mobile devices. Therefore, if you want to play this NFT game, it is expedient to get a computer system.

Where can I learn more about God’s Unchained?

The list of questions will be incomplete if I fail to add this question. There are many people out there that are willing to know where they can learn more facts about this unique NFT game. All you need to do is check online for more information about God’s Unchained. There have been several experiences and countless write-ups about this unique game. Therefore, if you want to know more about God’s Unchained, you can search for it on search engines. 

How do I get cards?

You will be given seventy individual cards that span all six gods. This is called the welcome set in Gods Unchained. In addition, you will also be given an allotment of core cards. These core cards are tools you will use to spice up your first decks. If you need more cards, you can buy cards from other players. And if you play ranked constructed game on Gods Unchained, you will level up and get some card packs. 

What are other things that can enhance playing this game successfully?

There’s a need for you to learn about this NFT game even before you start playing. That is why you need to go online and search for materials that will help you. One of the factors to be considered before playing games is to compete or play them according to their rules and regulations.

Another thing I would advise you to have is a winning mentality. This factor is what one must not overlook while playing God’s Unchained. Generally, one can’t flourish in any game if one has a strong winning mentality. How can you do that? You can do that by speaking a word of encouragement to yourself. You must grow to the level at which you’ll be seeing yourself as a winner even before you start playing. Of course, it is possible and achievable. 

Final words

Dear reader, I hope you have found something exceptional that you need to know about this unique game. Do you have friends that are interested in playing Gods Unchained? Please, share the link to this page with them. Finally, I want to assure you that I’m always open to receiving and answering questions about this topic.